Facebook changes its company name to Meta


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced at the company’s annual conference last night (28) that it had changed its name to ‘Meta’.

After 17 years, Mark Zuckerberg officially became the CEO and President of Facebook’s new parent company, Meta, yesterday, the 28th.

Various analysts have said that Facebook has changed its name to Meta as it faces an extensive investigation into the damage it is doing to the real world from various platforms following the leak of hundreds of its internal documents.

Critics have suggested that Facebook’s re-branding could be part of an effort to revise its reputation and shut it down after a series of events, including misinformation on its platforms, content-neutral failures, and revelations about the adverse effects of its products on the mental health of some users. Has become.

The change will reduce Facebook’s nominal service, along with Instagram and WhatsApp, to an affiliate of the company instead of the parent brand.

However, it is said that in the future, Meta will create social media in a three dimensional world. Already, under the leadership of Mark Zuckerberg, more than 1,000 engineers are working to create a virtual universe.

He explained that the new upgrade of Facebook was done for the purpose of this process.

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