The Australian government cuts fuel taxes and provides relief to the people


The Federal Government of Australia has decided to cut fuel taxes and provide relief to the general public in the face of rising cost of living.

According to the budget for the year 2022-23 presented to the parliament yesterday, the 44 cent tax levied on a liter of fuel has been reduced by 22 cents or about 48 rupees per liter in Sri Lankan currency.

Accordingly, it is estimated that a family with two vehicles will receive a relief of US $ 700 or about 154,000 Sri Lankan rupees for a period of six months.

The Federal Government of Australia announces that it has taken this decision despite the loss of government revenue in the belief that relief should be provided to the public despite the global fuel crisis.

The Australian government funded road development with revenue from a tax on fuel.

However, in view of the current situation, the Federal Government of Australia has decided that providing fuel relief to the people is more important than road development.

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