An inter-ministry joint program to attract tourists to the island


An inter-ministry joint program is being prepared to attract more tourists to the island. This special program is implemented jointly by the Ministries of Tourism, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Wildlife, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Archeology and National Heritage and its affiliates.

Minister of Tourism Prasanna Ranatunga says that the objective of the program is to popularize Sri Lanka as a country with attractive tourist destinations among foreign tourists.
He was speaking at an online discussion with members of the embassies of foreign countries and representatives of the Commerce Department at the Ministry of Commerce on the 26th.

During the meeting to discuss the steps to be taken to attract more tourists to Sri Lanka in the near future, members of the Foreign Missions and Commercial Officers pointed out that various problems have arisen in attracting tourists due to the fact that the country’s health guidelines have not been properly updated. Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said that the Ministry of Health has paid attention to this matter and it will be resolved in the future.

The Minister emphasized the need to promote Sri Lanka as a country instead of promoting Sri Lankan products or other tourist attractions separately, adding that it could attract more tourists.

The Minister of Tourism further stated that the Ministry of Tourism has paid special attention to provide the necessary background for the film industry, to hold foreign weddings in Sri Lanka and to hold international conferences and conferences to uplift the tourism industry in the country.

Commenting on the event, Trade Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardena said that the country could successfully face the foreign exchange crisis by attracting tourists if it acted with maximum efficiency in addition to the duties assigned to it in a nationally difficult situation.

He also said that the local Ayurvedic system, the backdrop for the film industry, organic products as well as the production capacity of local products will be increased and proper awareness will be created to attract tourists easily.

Minister Bandula Gunawardena also instructed the Commercial Officers at the Embassies to hold discussions with the Ambassadors of the various countries regarding the laws and regulations currently in place in various countries and to make them aware of the health care practices and safety of tourists in Sri Lanka.

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