Drunk son killed by father


A man who had been behaving in a drunken manner in a house in the Kadawalagedara area in Kuliyapitiya has died at the hospital yesterday (27) after being injured by a stick hit by his father, police stated.

Police say a drunken rioter had beaten his father with a stick on the evening of the 26th.

After that, the drunken man fell to the ground after being beaten with a stick by Piyawa.

The victim was admitted to the Kuliyapitiya Hospital and succumbed to his injuries yesterday (27) morning, police stated.

The deceased has been identified as a 26 year old resident of Kuliyapitiya, Moonamaldeniya.

The 46 year old father of the deceased has been arrested at the same address in connection with the murder.

The body is being kept at the Kuliyapitiya Hospital morgue and a magisterial inquiry and post mortem will be conducted.

The Kuliyapitiya Police are conducting further investigations into the murder.


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