New health guidelines


The Director General of Health Services has issued Health Guidelines effective from 1st to 15th December.

According to the new guidelines, weddings can be attended by only one-third of the maximum capacity of the hall.

The new guidelines state that the number should not exceed 200.

250 people can attend outdoor weddings.

New guidelines encourage weddings to be held outdoors.

The number of guests at outdoor weddings is 250.

Previously, only 150 people were allowed to attend hall weddings.

According to the new guidelines, one-third of the ballroom capacity or a maximum of 200 people are allowed to attend the wedding.

But the use of alcohol is not allowed.

Also, the existing health guidelines have been further relaxed and the capacity of cinemas has been increased from 50% to 75%.

In the meantime, in the event of death, the body should be released and cremated within 24 hours.

The maximum number of people that can be at the funeral home at one time is 20.

The maximum number of seats that can be set aside for a single meal in a restaurant is 100, and in an outdoor space, 150 people are allowed.

Simultaneous access to shops, pharmacies and supermarkets is 1/3 of its space.

Hairdressers can only come to customers who book in advance.

Economic centers, weekly markets, mobile vendors should operate in accordance with proper health guidelines.

Devotees should follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health when visiting places of worship.

Proper hygiene guidelines should be followed in maintaining conference halls etc. and the maximum number should be limited to 150.

Tuition classes can be held only for A / L and GCE Ordinary Level examinations and the maximum number of seats available is 50%.

Health guidelines should be followed in maintaining factories etc.

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