Who came to quarantine and destroy teacher training colleges?


The students allege that the books, clothes and valuables of the students in the dormitories of several faculties of the faculties run by Kovid as intermediate treatment centers and quarantine centers were destroyed by the occupants.

The students say that they have torn the luggage of their clothes, cupboards and other belongings and even pulled out their luggage.

Commenting on this, a student said that many people have obtained the necessary items while going to colleges due to the debt of their parents.

She also said that the students have been severely affected by the destruction of clothes, books etc. obtained in this manner.

Videos and photographs of students’ belongings being destroyed, especially at Pulathisipura, Ruwanpura and Siyane Colleges, have also been posted on social media these days.

They were kept as quarantine centers for about a year and were reportedly holding prisoners, beggars and other infected prisoners.

Mattresses, mosquito nets, etc. were also destroyed and electrical wiring was taken away by the occupants, she said.

When we inquired about this, the General Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers Union Mahinda Jayasinghe said that many problems have arisen due to the destruction of items in their hostels.

The Secretary also said that even the primary grades of schools have been started but the activities of the faculties have not been started yet due to this situation.

He also said that the government should pay fair compensation to the students as all the equipment provided by their parents had been destroyed.

When inquired about this, a spokesman for the Ministry of Education said that documents regarding the lost and destroyed items of these students are being obtained through the administration of the colleges.

He also said that an investigation is being carried out into these incidents.

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