Heavy showers in Castlereagh and Maussakelle watersheds

Ranjith Rajapaksa - Hatton


The Maussakelle and Castlereagh watersheds have been receiving heavy rains since yesterday (08).

Residents of the Maussakelle catchment area said that the rains fell in Maskeliya, Sri Pada Nallathanniya, Upkat and Samimale areas.

Engineers in charge of the Maussakelle Reservoir said that the water level in the reservoir had dropped due to the recent dry weather and had now dropped to 120 feet from 48 feet.

Meanwhile, the Castlereagh catchment areas of Hatton, Norwood and Bogawantalawa have been receiving heavy rains since this afternoon (08).

Drinking water sources in the western slopes of the central highlands have been reactivated due to the prevailing rains, an official of the Hatton Water Consumer Services Center said.

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