An attack on A.D.A. officials – two arrested

Romesh Madhushankha - Wanni


The Anuradhapura Magistrate has ordered on May 12 that two persons who allegedly assaulted two officials of the Aquaculture Development Authority who went for a raid, will be kept in custody until the 26th of this month.

The Magistrate has remanded a group of residents of Tirappane-Punchikulam district.

The officials of Anuradhapura District Aquaculture Development Authority have received information that a certain group of people are killing fishes and carrying out illegal fishing activities by using prohibited nets near Panchikulam Pier in Nachchiyaduwa Lake.

Two aquatic hazard officers from the Anuradhapura office went to Punchikulam pier on May 12 to investigate the information and the attack took place at that time.

The officers who were assaulted have informed the Tirappane Police and the Senior Superintendent of Police of Anuradhapura Division about this.

Accordingly, two residents of the area have been arrested by the Tirappane police and produced before the court on May 12.

Last year, the Aquaculture Development Authority established a special unit to prevent further illegal fishing activities in the inland reservoirs and control illegal operations.

The unit comprised of retired military personnel was maintained by a private security wing.

But the Aquaculture Development Authority has recently disbanded the unit saying that the institution is unable to pay the money.

Based on this situation, the officials of the Aquaculture Development Authority state that it has become difficult for them to control the unauthorized and illegal fishing activities around the inland reservoirs.

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