Laziness is nowhere to be found! Mahela is back in the team


The 20-20 World Cup Cricket Tournament has 14 more days, that is, two weeks. In 14 days, 16 teams will compete for the same trophy at the Cricket World Cup. Its first match is on the 17th. On the second day, Sri Lanka will play against Namibia.

In addition to Namibia, Sri Lanka will have to compete with the Netherlands and Ireland. That is under the qualifying stage. It was a fateful event on the one hand. Twice runners-up in the 20-20 World Cup, Sri Lanka became the champions in 2014. After the two-time World Cup winners West Indies, the Sri Lankan team has been the best in the tournament.

It would be a fateful event for such a team to compete in a qualifying tournament in 2021, but if it does, that’s the place to be. Having to compete with teams that are not as talented and inexperienced as in Sri Lanka is a good thing for future competitions in Sri Lanka.

We have often heard that it is necessary to start from the beginning. Sri Lanka must now start this tournament from the beginning. Past talent should be remembered. But the recent past must be forgotten. Sri Lanka now has great strength for that journey. That’s it. The appointment of Mahela, who is considered to be one of the most talented strategic coaches in world cricket, is the best opportunity for the Sri Lankan team to start something new. That is not what we said, nor is it today or yesterday. This was stated by Aravinda de Silva, Chairman of the Sri Lanka Cricket Cricket Technical Committee, several months ago.

“There has been talk recently that the Sri Lanka team needs a mentor. If we send someone for that, it is Mahela Jayawardena. ”

What Aravinda said then has come true today. Mahela has agreed to work as a coaching consultant for the upcoming 20-20 World Cup. Accordingly, the Sri Lanka team has received the support of a giant hand. In addition, Mahela has agreed to work as a coaching coach for the Sri Lanka Under 19 cricket team. He has voluntarily agreed to these two functions.

It will be a great strength not only for the Sri Lankan team but also for the emerging Under-19 team. In 2015, Samudun Denagamage Pannarabot Mahela de Silva Jayawardena alias Mahela Jayawardene was invited to a training position at the International Cricket Ground. He is from England, the birthplace of cricket. The captain who led the Sri Lankan team to a 5-0 one-day series victory over England in England added England as their batting advisor because England had a good understanding of Mahela’s size and form. According to local media reports, Mahela’s batting prowess helped England reach the final of the 2016 World Cup.

Mahela is the fifth highest run scorer in ODIs at the World Cup and the ninth highest run scorer in Test cricket at the 20-20 World Cup.

Mahela is the highest run scorer in the world Test cricket for any wicket. Mahela, who is the highest scorer in that relationship, scored 374 runs at that time. Mahela is also the highest ODI bowler. There are many more records written in his name. They are written in cricket records books.

But Mahela’s strategic knowledge and positional wisdom cannot be quantified in cricket books. Mahela, who was so full of subtleties that he could turn a match upside down, pointed his finger at his victim when he fell victim to a subterfuge and said, “The work is done.” He planned a match not just at the stadium but before he even set foot on it. Mahela’s contemporaries and pundits know best about the positioning of bowlers, how the bowlers were manipulated, how the batsmen worked and how the panthers were trapped. There were many occasions when India, which was on the same list, sought Mahela’s services. India coach Ravi Shastri, the current world cricketing powerhouse, will retire after the World Cup. Mahela received an invitation from India to fill that gap. But he did not agree. But Mahela’s service was given to the IPL. Mukesh Ambani has hired Mahela as the coach of his Mumbai Indians team. That was the removal of Ricky Ponting, who had previously worked in that position.

Ambani was confident enough to replace Mahela, who won two ODI World Cups with Australia captain Ponting. Mahela confirmed that belief by leading Mumbai to the title three times in four matches. Mahela also became the first coach to achieve such a feat by winning consecutive titles in 2019 and 2020.

Mahela’s talents were highly acclaimed by world cricket critics. Mahela was also tasked with coaching the Southern Brew team at The Hundred, the first 100-ball cricket tournament to be introduced to world cricket. Mahela also completed that task as the coach who won the inaugural 100 ball tournament.

Mahela is now there to support Sri Lanka. He joins the team two days before the 18th Sri Lanka World Cup qualifiers. From that day to the 23rd, Sri Lanka should take advantage of Mahela’s engineering brain. On Mahela’s coaching prowess, any team can rise from where it has fallen. He has done that. The year before Mahela joined the Mumbai Indians, they finished the tournament as the 5th team. Mahela, who had risen to 1 for a team that had fallen to 5, trained twice in a row to bring them the championship. Advised. Although now the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Cricket Cricket Technical Committee, Aravinda is the man of the match who scored a century when he won the 96 World Cup. Mahela is the only player to score two centuries in the semi-finals and final of such a World Cup. Aravinda knows Mahela very well. This is what Aravinda said when Mahela agreed to support the Sri Lankan team in the upcoming 20-20 World Cup.

“Mahela will be in the final 11 of the team. He is now officially part of the squad. Mahela’s ingenuity and knowledge are used to formulate match strategies. Mahela also participates in selection committee meetings.

It is the responsibility of the players to make this journey that Mahela came to encourage the team. If it is not possible at this time, Mahela will do it with the team or under 19. Because he is a successful coach. But before looking at the under-19s, we need to think about this coming tomorrow. It is good for everyone to see Mahela play in a good tournament without damaging Mahela’s reputation as a successful coach and the honor that Sri Lanka has earned at the T20 World Cup.

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