Amazon to Shut Down Website Ranking Service in May 202


Amazon announced that it will shut down, its website ranking tool which the company has operated for the past 25 years. The service, which offered a paid subscription with SEO research and analysis tools, will stop providing statistics of websites and their rankings next year. After Alexa Internet is shut down, the service’s API will reportedly be turned off by the company in December 2022, according to Amazon. Amazon will allow users to export their Alexa data before the service shuts down.

The company announced its decision to shut down the Web ranking service by May 2022 on a support page, first spotted by Bleeping Computer. “After two decades of helping you find, reach, and convert your digital audience, we’ve made the difficult decision to retire on May 1, 2022,” the company stated on its support page. Alexa Internet has stopped accepting new subscriptions as of December 8, and existing customers will have access until the service shuts down.
Amazon launched Alexa Internet in April 1996, and the service’s most popular metric is the Alexa Traffic Rank (or Global Rank) which provides users with an estimate of a website’s popularity. The company will allow customers to export their data ahead of the shutdown and delete their account in advance. Meanwhile, Bleeping Computer reports that the service’s APIs will be shut down in December 2022.
While the company did not provide a reason for shutting down Alexa Internet, the report points to data from traffic and marketing analytics firm Semrush which shows the service’s own traffic has seen a constant decline over the years. Alexa Internet’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have not yet been updated to announce the upcoming shutdown at the time of publishing this story.



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