Imran Khan defeated in no-confidence motion


Imran Khan became the first Pakistani Prime Minister to be ousted in a no-confidence motion.

That was after he was defeated in a vote in the country’s parliament this morning.

Opposition groups won a landslide victory in Pakistan’s 342 – seat parliament, gaining 174 votes.

Accordingly, the Parliament of Pakistan is scheduled to reconvene tomorrow to appoint a new Prime Minister.

The no-confidence motion was brought by the Pakistani opposition blaming Imran Khan for a number of issues, including the economic crisis in the country.

The election was scheduled to take place last Sunday but was rejected by the Speaker of the Pakistani Parliament.

Following a request made by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the President of Pakistan dissolved the Parliament.

However, the opposition challenged the decision in the Supreme Court.

In its ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that the decision to suspend the no-confidence motion was unconstitutional.

Accordingly, the court had directed the Parliament to reconvene and hold a vote on the relevant resolution.

The new prime minister, who will be elected tomorrow, is expected to remain in office until October next year.

Then a new government will be elected at the general election.

When he came to power in 2018, Imran Khan’s primary election promise was to eradicate corruption in Pakistan and boost the economy.

But mediators say the 69-year-old former superstar cricketer was unable to do so.

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